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Some of the greatest fears of athletes include choking under pressure, injury, doubt, facing a supposedly stronger competitor, letting people down, not performing as well as before, losing scholarships.. and… the fear of failure. These kinds of thoughts, even for a moment, make athletes their own worst enemy. Your thoughts can easily get in the way of your success. It's easy for people to say: just "do this" - or, "concentrate on that" But when the moment arrives, all the advice you received consciously is easier said than done. In Hypnosis for Athletes you will receive some very powerful tools that will BLAST you past your biggest competitor : your mind. People are truly 7-9 times better than they realize. It is only our mental state that holds us back as athletes. Athletes who used hypnosis to become champions include (short list here): Michael Jordan and his entire team who won 6 NBA Championships), Tiger Woods, Mary Lou Retton, Mark McGwire, Tracy Austin, Jimmy Connors, … to name a few. Baseball great Rod Carew seemed to see his career fading into the sunset because of a mental fear of an injury that had healed. By mastering self-hypnosis, Carew came back to the best season of his career - a season that ended with a near .400 batting average and the MVP award. These people learned that with the proper mental state of mind, you can turn: • Fear into FOCUS • Challenge into SUCCESS • Distraction into CONCENTRATION • Pressure into a COOL and CALM state of mind In our sessions, we will concentrate on individual goals and obstacles to your goals, as well as the Mental Core necessary for uber-success: Concentration - Confidence - Control - Commitment To enjoy your sport and to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE, your mind needs to achieve a state of flow. Other phrases for this state of mind include: • In the Zone • In the Groove • In Flow • Peak Performance Once success is achieved, your confidence will grow, and we can begin some lessons on self-hypnosis so that you can control your destiny.


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** Results can vary from person to person. As a Hypnotherapist, I offer solid  and compassionate vocational or avocational self-improvement and life coaching.  I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.  If you are under the care of a licensed professional for the issues you are seeking help with, hypnosis can be a powerful tool used in conjunction with other treatments, but I do not allow you to replace your professional treatment.