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Don Heese, Certified Hypnotherapist


When Don Heese was 14, he saw a stage hypnotist who performed in the school gym.  Just for fun, he and a friend tried it on each other.  When the friend tried it on Don, it didn’t work.  Thinking the same would happen, Don used the same words as the hypnotist on stage, and his friend went into a trance.  He thought the friend was joking, but it was real.


Before long, people were approaching him to be hypnotized for fun, to relieve stress, and for athletic performance.  Through college and over the years, Don hypnotized family and friends at their request to help with issues like stress relief, confidence, focus in school, pain relief, and general well-being.


While your results may vary, athletes were able to show their best time ever.  A chronic pain sufferer went from taking several narcotics a day to a couple of aspirin.  High school boys raised their focus and improved all of their grades.  The list goes on.


As a high school teacher, he teaches students how to improve their self-image and use their minds for success in school  and in life.


As a piano teacher, Don has brought music into the lives of children and adults since 1986.


Your results may vary, but Don used hypnosis and self-hypnosis for himself to overcome and eliminate many stress-filled circumstances of teaching in the public schools, improve his own confidence, and now has a message for everyone:


Whatever you feel is holding you back in life, self-image science combined with hypnosis can blast you beyond your self-imposed limitations and help you with confidence, stress relief, make more money, experience peak performance at work, school, and  athletics.  You can improve your health habits - all without necessarily relying on will power.  By learning to tap into and communicate with the sub-conscious, your life script can be written to go the way your conscious mind has always wanted.


Don is ready to help you with your goals and desires in life.  Set an appointment today and experience the compassionate, focused methods Don has used for years to help people get the most out of life.


While results can vary from person to person, many people feel tremendous benefits in just one session.  Set an appointment  today and find out how happy, healthy, and successful your life can be.


Don is a high school teacher , an author, a musician, an artist, a compassionate and caring human being who used hypnosis to overcome the stress and negative emotions he had begun to associate with his teaching career.  He now wants to help others overcome their own obstacles in life.


The use of hypnosis and Self-image psychology was so powerful transforming his life and thinking, that Don felt the need to share and help others achieve this level of enjoyment of life - and the inner peace and high accomplishment that comes automatically once you have a positive self-image.


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Contact Don via e-mail or phone 515-897-1619 to see if he can help.  Initial phone consultation is free of charge and full of valuable help.


Set an appointment to experience the power of hypnosis in your life.  It will be the day you remember forever - the day that changed your life.


"I am honored to have you here today reading this.  If you think I can be of service to you, please contact me and we will figure it out together.


 My decades on this earth have taught me some things:

• That there is a God and it's not me.

• That we are all 7-9 times stronger than we realize:  physically, mentally, and spiritually.

• That life often programs us to accept less than we should.  Great things await anyone who is willing to receive.

• That the key to living up to our full potential - the path to physical success and, mental confidence, and inner peace - begins with learning to relax and visualize a positive self-image.

• And, the answers we seek in life are inside us - just waiting to be discovered.


Whether you are in a real funk or just need a little direction, motivation, or creativity, I am prepared and pleased to be of help to you."


Don Heese



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** Results can vary from person to person. As a Hypnotherapist, I offer solid  and compassionate vocational or avocational self-improvement and life coaching.  I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.  If you are under the care of a licensed professional for the issues you are seeking help with, hypnosis can be a powerful tool used in conjunction with other treatments, but I do not allow you to replace your professional treatment.