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What hypnosis is and isn’t It seems strange and mysterious to some people. That someone after being hypnotized achieves their BEST running time ever in cross country… How a near lifelong smoker can “kick the habit” that same day – without nervousness or weight gain... How someone who was at a dead end point in their career suddenly had SEVERAL mangers and others working to MOVE HIM UP the ladder… How someone (me) spent the last 25 years - 25 pounds overweight and simply watched it melt away – and stay away as easily as it used to stay put… How people who were once stressed and unhappy find themselves waking up more refreshed, more content, and more motivated. * [* All the above situations are true results clients of mine have experienced. I can’t guarantee you will have the same results in such a short time periods – but the only way you will find out is to make an appointment today.] Strange and mysterious? You bet! Until you understand how our minds work. Once you know the secret to tapping the subconscious – the powerful, powerful subconscious – the part of our mind that runs the whole show even while we are not aware of it… Once we learn the language of the subconscious, major changes are easier to make than most people realize. Hypnosis is NOT about mind control – Hypnosis is a well-proven technique to GET control of your mind - and your life. Hypnosis is a peaceful state of relaxation. A skilled hypnotherapist then creates specific positive suggestions that set the subconscious into action – thus putting your conscious goals and your subconscious programming on the same course. I believe everyone is 7-9 times better than they realize. When you combine hypnosis with Self-image science, you create the conditions where positive changes can take place. All within your comfort zone. Whether you are in a deep funk – or just need a boost, the program I’ve developed could be just what you are looking for. Call or e-mail today and we can discuss whether my program is a good fit for your situation. No pressure. Just a pleasant conversation. Every journey begins with a single step.

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** Results can vary from person to person. As a Hypnotherapist, I offer solid  and compassionate vocational or avocational self-improvement and life coaching.  I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.  If you are under the care of a licensed professional for the issues you are seeking help with, hypnosis can be a powerful tool used in conjunction with other treatments, but I do not allow you to replace your professional treatment.